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web development – 8 amazing reasons you should consider it as a career.

As long as the internet exists there will be countless opportunities for massive growth, freedom and success. As long as you have the passion for never-ending learning and patience, in whatever field you are in.

   That being said, I think web development and programming, has massive potentials. Especially with the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic which forces every business owners and companies to have strong online presences which include having a website so that they can be at the top of their game, and these days having a website add to the credibility of companies and brands, so there will also be demand for web developers to develop websites, and web applications. So if you are probably thinking of switching or starting a career; these are seven more reasons you should consider web development as a career:

Reasons to consider web development as a career

No degree required: Being certified in computer science can be an advantage for web developers, however, it’s not required. What is required is the ability to solve problems. You just have to prove to clients that you can do what they want and you are good to go. There are a lot of developers like Tranversy media and many other very successful developers out there who never had a degree and now they have turn web development into a full-fledged business

A lot of resources: it has never been this easy to become a web developer. The internet has more than enough resources to turn you from a newbie to a senior developer and you can also sell your services online like freelancing. All that is required is hard work, tenacity,  because it’s very challenging, but nothing good comes easy so that should be expected and also learn to enjoy it. And you can become part of a community or forum where your questions can be answered

Flexibility and freedom: web-development offers freedom and flexibility. You can work any time, anywhere, from the comfort of your home and from anywhere in the world with just internet connection and computer and even have side projects or freelance while working elsewhere.

It’s Creative: if you are the type that is inclined to creative works, then you should probably consider web development and programming. It has rooms for creative inputs; once you have learnt and worked with it for years or even months, your style and methods will start emerging and you will start bringing new ideas to life. It even helps the brain because you will become a problem solver.

web development

It’s futuristic: It’s quite obvious that technology has come to stay, right now we are so dependent on it. we shop online, bank online, work online and do many other things online and more things are currently being digitalized as we speak.  Developers will increasingly be in demand because they will continue to build and maintain these platforms. We could even see programming languages become more valuable than traditional spoken languages – just saying.

Huge earning: this one is probably the biggest reason that is attracting people to the field. But the truth is that money is just a by-product that comes from solving problems and adding values to people’ lives. That being said, the money will be calling your phone and knocking at your door if you are really good at what you do. I know of developers that decline projects that are worth a lot of money just because they want to rest or do something else.

You can expand into other areas of the tech world easily:

Web development is a great foundation for those who wish to go further In the tech world with loads of transferable skills, ideal for other disciplines.

Take the mobile sector, for example, web developers can easily transition to mobile development because they know the fundamentals in programming. and can become an IT consultant or go into A.I(artificial intelligence). it opens up a new world of countless and exciting opportunities.


with the power of the internet, web development has become relatively easier compared to back in the days. As long has one know how to utilize this information age and ready to work hard, then the world will be yours to explore and we saw some amazing reasons that made it worth the hard work. if you know of any other reasons that are worth mentioning please share in the comment below.


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