Hack: 2 simple method you can use Free canva pro – lifetime(2021).

In this article, you will learn how to use free Canva pro with just three simple steps

What is canva?

Canva is a simple online graphic design website that you can use to design anything. It’s absolutely awesome and user friendly. With this tool you can create, edit and add effects to images, videos and many more. Basically it’s used to create Graphics and contents professionally

Hack: 2 simple method you can use Free canva pro – lifetime(2021).

These are some of the things you can create with canva:

  • Facebook post
  • Logo
  • Banner
  • Youtube thumbnails
  • Posters
  • Birthday card
  • Instagram post
  • Instagram stories
  • Linkedin Banner
  • Youtube banner
  • Etc

It’s a tool you can go to for the creation of professional design without the knowledge of all the graphic design tools like Corel draw, photoshop and the rest.

What is canva pro?

With Canva free version you can still create awesome designs but there are certain limitations. like for example with the free version you can’t use some tools like the background remover and some other effects

But with canva pro version you will be limitless, you can use some breathtaking premium template, Images and icons that are worth paying for and it’s absolutely worth it.

I personally use Canva to design everything on my website and social media even some design I used to call graphic designers for I can design now with canva.

How you can use Free canva pro for lifetime

Canva is giving 1 month free to use the pro version, after the 30days you will be billed according to the plan you chose and it’s worth the price. 

But if you are low on cash I will show you a hack where you will use canva pro without paying a dime. 

My little story:

I stumbled upon canva when making research on how to create fiver Gig images and then I fell in love with canva

When my free trial finished and I have no money, I then brainstormed and realised that one can sign up with a new account and enjoy another 30 days free trial and then the idea was born of how to go about it

I used another card and another email and then enjoyed another 30 day of using free canva pro version

So just follow these simple steps to get free canva pro:

Step 1: 

Use your Email or Create new Email if you have already exhausted your trial and Go to canva to signup then accept the 30 days free trial For canva pro

Step 2: 

You have to give a credit card number Details to validate the trial account for 30 days So look for a new card or get it here and activate the 30 days free trial .

Boom! You are free to use it for the next 30days. And after your trial repeat the process.

Another amazing thing about canva is that you can share designs with other canva users, so you can transfer your old designs to your new account if you want to

But the downside is you will keep transferring all designs from one account to another. If you prefer to just pay to save you all the stress you can sign up here 


You can check out the video:

conclusion : 

To use Canva pro free basically you have to make new account and sign up after your free trial.Try it for yourself and comment below if you have any additional tricks or if you have any questions

Please share this post if you found it helpful so others can use it too and enjoy free canva pro like you

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Thanks and stay awesome.