I’m Osayande David


I think of myself as first, a researcher, because since childhood I’ve always been curious and constantly searching for answers to questions. 

I remember dismantling a radio so I can see the people talking inside and that curiosity has been like a ship that has carried me throughout my entire life and still carrying me.




The curiosity made constant learning and relearning automatic and natural for me. I can go any length to get answers to my questions and then I fell in love with reading. 

In the quest of satisfying my curiosity, I found the Internet and then my Life changed.

The Internet introduced me to new interests and Hobbies. Part of the interest includes building and designing things with technology, which made me learn Programming and delve into web development and designing.

Now I create websites and contents for brands and business and I also blog(document) about what I learn in this website so it can be of value to other just like as other people’s contents as always been and still is.

You can check out my portfolio.


Have a project in mind?

If you have web development projects, social media content creation or any other digital marketing related project reach out to me. Whether it is a small or big project and you need an extra hand. I might not know it but I know how to know it.